Conduct cross-validation analyses of results obtained from previous in-house clinical trials.

Head of using a systematic and methodological approach to data imputation in order to account for the differential effect of subject (i.e., treated vs control) attrition in the above mentioned clinical trials.

Following testing for clinical, methodological, and statistical heterogeneity, merge data from in-house clinical trials of similar design to derive pooled effect sizes, which in turn are used to inform sample size calculation for future trials.

Head of creation and management of clinical trials dossier

Conducted a current (as of Dec 2012) meta-analysis of the published literature reporting upon the effect of the -759C/T HTR2C transition on antipsychotic-induced weight-gain (AIWG), stratified by drug-experienced versus drug-naive subjects. Random-effects models were employed to account for heterogeneity among study designs. Publication bias was examined via funnel plots and Egger’s regression.

Lead biostatistician of a recently launched large-scale (projected N = 1350), treatment-resistant depression (TRD), randomized, controlled trial examining the clinical utility and clinical validity of a multigenic combinatorial phenotype method for selecting genetically-concordant antidepressant medications.